Streamline the onboarding process for new patients: rather than having a new patient fill out multiple forms—many of which ask the same information—offer to set new patients up with LifeBook. When they arrive, their time (and yours) can be better spent addressing the person.


Record Collection

Add value to your medical services. LifeBook makes the collection and storage of medical records fast and easy. LifeBook eliminates tedious record-keeping practices and ends reliance on patient memory.


Patient Experience

Offer a better experience for patients with LifeBook. Patients benefit from increased peace of mind regarding their healthcare when they know they won’t have to answer questions multiple times or try to remember information in the event of an emergency.

Patient information is often kept in electronic medical records systems that aren’t interconnected, or worse: in a paper file within your office. LifeBook puts all that information in one central location for easy doctor/patient access, allowing doctors and patients the ease of sharing medical information between providers and specialists. It eliminates repeated medical testing, lowers costs and helps you make the most informed decisions for patient care based on clear medical history all in one place.

LifeBook is cloud-based, which means patients can log in anytime, from anywhere, and review their personal medical information.

LifeBook is a truly unified record of a patient’s health. You can even set alerts for certain events, such as hospital admission or readmission, and stay informed on all patients’ current statuses.

The LifeBook platform even offers insight into clinical trials your patients may qualify for and studies that could have an impact on their current diagnoses or treatment. With the information in LifeBook, you can help patients decide if participating in a study is right for them.

Your patients deserve the best care