LifeBook collects and combines all of your personal health information, offering you a seamless, organized experience.

Our mission is improving public health by improving individual health with more informed and organized information.

Better information means better health.

Protect your profile

Automated  aggregation

All of your health information from all the providers you see is automatically added to your LifeBook.

View your records

Medical history

Both you and your doctors have access to the most up-to-date medical information in your file.


The full picture of your health.

Imagine you, only better. LifeBook organizes critical information, helping your providers more easily detect and diagnose while offering insights into prevention you can apply today.

Created for your well-being.

We are dedicated to improving public health one individual at a time.

Exceptional User Experience

LifeBook is easy to use — for you and your healthcare practitioners. Simply show your LifeBook at every appointment.

Security & Privacy

Never worry about your medical information falling into the wrong hands. LifeBook is a secure, HIPAA & HITECH-compliant platform.

Not Provider-Dependent

Show your LifeBook to any clinic or physician so they have the most up-to-date health information and can give you the best care.

Holistic health at a glance.

With the information in your LifeBook and your permission, researchers can identify if you’d be a good candidate for transformational health studies and programs.

Giving you exclusive access to innovative treatments you may need.

Organized personal health